CMH Grow

XrossGro lights feature state-of-the-art technology in an innovative design.

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XrossGro's sleek double-sided lighter with built-in smart sensor switch touchscreen which also comes equipped with a USB charger.

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smoking essentials

Customized rolling trays of your favorite characters like The Simpsons and Rick and Morty.

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Lighting Products

We specialize in research, innovative design, and distribution of lighting technology equipment for greenhouse and indoor cultivation.

XrossGro Accessories

We provide a wide assortment of accessories from LED attachments to smoke essentials and storage containers.

XrossGro Apparel

Show your growing pride with our Xclusive XrossGro hats, t-shirts, and hoodies.



We are Xrossgro

We are an Xclusive distribution brand based out of San Francisco, CA. We offer products from smoke essentials, custom trays, storage containers, backpacks, apparel, all natural plant nutrients, natural pest repellent, and our Premium custom made CMH/LED Grow Lights. 

“XrossGro is sure to stand out and leave a footprint in the market for years to come! XrossGro, Know Your Gro."

- Owner of XrossGro

Make this year's harvest the best one yet.

Get Customized

Our local and worldwide designing engineers and experts in horticulture have manifested what was once an idea, to the most unique innovative design CMH/LED Grow Light created. XrossGro is geared (Cross Grow) is geared to partner with educational institutions in agricultural research, to produce and provide the highest-quality lighting system with advanced state-of-the-art technology. These lights were built and designed to produce and optimize agriculture  growth in indoor and greenhouse operations.




XrossGro lights are unique with their innovative design and built-in state of the art technology. 



From backpacks to totes, get your XrossGro Xclusive accessories today!



Show your growing pride with XrossGro Xclusive apparel from with our hats, t-shirts, and hoodies.



XrossGro's lighter is a sleek double sided lighter with built-in smart sensor switch touch screen.

Spread green vibes today!



XrossGro light set up is one the best setups I've ever used. Very simple installation and increased/yield size by 30%! I highly recommend trying their amazing light setups as you won't regret the investment, as it will pay off and some after your first run with their equipment.

Brad Toobs

Toobs Packaging/Distribution

XrossGro has some of the most quality products you will every try. I had the honor of meeting the owner and when talking to him, I can tell he was very passionate about his business and is driven to making the best products for his customers.

J. Tong

Independent company that stands by there name and products. Great quality items from there shirts, lighters, and backpacks to there grow lights. They also give back to there customer with raffles and giveaways. They are good people to talk to and really knowledgeable about there product as well.


I had the pleasure to meet the owners of XrossGro. The drive and passion they have for their customers are what made me look into them more. The company itself is unique with its name and logo, their products are one of a kind of high quality. My favorite is the back pack with the logo, pretty cool company, with great ideas. They are making their own lane to stay, and I'm glad to say I'm definitely riding with them!



XrossGro products are the best practical items I have bought. The lighter is the safest without an open flame. I love the colors of the logo against the black background.

Ceci OJackson

Hearing about XrossGro as an idea made me super excited. Seeing it actually coming to life- I can't believe it. Their ideas are one of a kind and I can’t wait to see them change the game completely with their products and passion.


As a consultant on multiple levels in my communication with past, present, and future entrepreneur, XrossGro is a company that is headed in the right direction including already established serious business connections and shall excel in ways I wholeheartedly believe shall break barriers on an International level. If there was stock in this company, I'd be more than willing and confident to purchase $500 thousand shares.

Malik DeBracey III

I have been associated with XrossGro for approximately 3 years. Adan and Krystal are filled with incredible knowledge of their industry and it shows in their products and services. XrossGro takes time to listen, access and find solutions in a very fast-paced industry. XrossGro's lighting system and expertise in growing are second to none If you find something that lowers cost and increases the quality of product....stay with it! We look forward to continuing our future endeavors with XrossGro.

Mike MacManus

XrossGro are some truly wonderful people with a vision. They are kind, helpful and truly a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to continuing a relationship, learning more from, teaching and working together.


XrossGro the name itself stands out to me as well as their products, making me even more interested in what they have to offer other consumers. I had the pleasure of meeting with the owners of XrossGro and they were very in-depth about their products uses as well as future goals they plan to achieve. Their passion about their products is what led me to not only want to know more but purchase some as well. I bought a couple of shirts and trays amongst other things, also showing my friends and family what they are about and they are even more curious to see what XrossGro is all about.

Rodney Richardson

Thank you so much! Great customer service and great products, the lighter is freakin magical, keep killing it y'all just the beginning



From the beginning XrossGro has been a stand out company to me. I feel when someone works as hard as they do it can only bring great things. They have the greatest compassion in what they do and also very humble. Customer service is awesome any questions have been answered with promptness and respect. Definitely the wave of the CMH and DE movement

Edward S.

Based out of San Francisco – XrossGro is a business that thrives by establishing a brand that is consistent and of high quality. Coming from a team of individuals who had a vision and made a dream into reality- It’s exciting to have this small business establishing their name from a City that deserves recognition. Adan and Krystal have demonstrated hard work, dedication, and expertise into the merchandise they project and this is only the beginning. I’m super excited to see what else is in store for XrossGro! 




Plant Nutrition

Are your plants getting the necessary nutrition? Use our promo code XROSSGRO20 for a 20% discount.


Organic Pest Repellant

Protect your property from nasty invaders with Freedom Organicides.


Premium Custom Made CMH/LED Combination Grow Lights made just for your harvest.