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We produce and provide the highest-quality lighting system with advanced state-of-the-art technology.

XrossGro is the first and only universal central lighting system and company to stand out by combining CMH and LED into one Spectrum.

XrossGro achieves the highest level of quality by sourcing parts from Germany, East Asia, and the United States.

XrossGro’s Universal CMH Grow Light comes equipped with 3 AC outlets, a level, reflector, and ballast.

XrossGro Exclusive
Universal CMH Grow Lights
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CMH Grow Lights
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Light up your harvest this year with XrossGro


We are an Xclusive distribution brand based out of San Francisco, CA. We offer products from smoke essentials, custom trays, storage containers, backpacks, apparel, all natural plant nutrients, natural pest repellent, and our Premium custom made CMH/LED Grow Lights.

Rechargeable Lighters

The lighter that all your friends
want to steal.


Shop XrossGro's durable canvas tote bags.


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hoodies here!

Rolling Trays

Get your favorite TV characters!

#XrossGro In Action

XrossGro lights are easy to assemble: they come equipped with a level to save you time, 3 extra AC outlets for optional use, a reflector, and ratchet ropes.


Setting Up XrossGro Lights

Looking to purchase XrossGro exclusive Universal Grow Lighting? In this short tutorial, Adan walks you through our easy setup so your plants can start to flourish in no time!